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Entinux SmartMX Email Replication Services meets the growing demands of organizations looking to effectively manage emails by rejecting unsolicited spam, preventing Directory Harvesting Attack (DHA), and ensuring availability of email services upon failure of your inhouse email server.

Traditionally, secondary MX servers are only dull relay spools that queue emails when your primary MX server is out of service. End users may never fetch queued emails from it directly.

While email has become an important business tool and a matter of record, Entinux SmartMX Email Replication Services have got better at processing messages by combing the functionality of SPAM gateway, secondary MX, and a fully accessible backup email system.


  • Filter spam and DHA connections without consuming precious bandwidth and storage of the master Mail Server, and help greatly reducing its workload and improving performance.

  • Our SmartMX Servers system doesn't rely on the email server for providing access to messages once they have been archived. If the email server goes down, or disconnected due to a network problem, remote users can still access their emails from the Entinux SmartMX Servers.

  • The use of a web browser means users can access their email from anywhere, security permitting. Where possible, users can also access these archives using mobile devices, enabling them to access their message archives from almost anywhere.

System Requirements

SmartMX can be used with major Linux based Email Systems (including Sendmail  / Qmail / Postfix / Exim) and further integrate with our Qmail Redirector solution.

Basic Services
- 100G mail flow per month
- 50GB secured storage for most recently received emails
- Filter up to 500 user accounts
- Per-user SPAM drop / tag quarantine / pass-thru policy
- Real time graphical report and daily statistics of email traffic
- Roundcube Webmail System

Optional Items (SmartMX+)
- Additional Mail flow volume and storage capacity
- Dynamic DNS switches over upon actual mail server failure
- AtmailŪ Webmail System


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