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Proactive Network Monitoring Services

Depending on customer need, Entinux offers 24-hour a day, 7-days a week Internet and voice support, ranging from answering usage questions to identifying problems. Entinux also provides consulting, planning and implementation services for Linux. Our consultants can help you evaluate whether Linux is appropriate for your particular environment.

Entinux is also awarded 2009-2011 Winner of Linux System Support & Monitoring Solution by LinuxPilot (http://www.linuxpilot.net), the prominent Linux Magazine in Hong Kong for our services excellence. Please click on the pages for extracts of the award interview.

Click here to review the Award Review Article for Year 2011.

Users with linux deployment can now turn to Entinux as a one-stop shop for Linux support. For information on properly configuring and implementing, as well as enhancing, your Linux solutions or additional service and support offerings please call (852) 2620-9600.

Entinux supports major distributions of the Linux OS as well as many network applications that operate in a Linux environment. Please refer to this PDF leaflet (中文) for detail on our proactive monitoring services.

We also help answer your how-to questions, help you define problems and determine their source. Additionally, by leveraging our technical expertise and partnerships with the key distributors of the Linux operating system, Entinux is able to provide defect-level support for the Linux OS. Remote assistance is available through telephone access and electronic access (ssh / telnet). For all eligible distributions of the Linux operating system, we help you with:

  • usage and installation questions
  • interpretation of product documentation
  • product compatibility and interoperability questions
  • a diagnostic information review to help isolate the cause of a problem
  • configuration samples
  • planning information for software fixes
  • defect support

Please contact our hotline at (852) 2620-9600 for immediate assistance,
or using the following support inquiry form. Thank you.

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