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Linux Deployments

Various Linux Distributions



Entinux deploys Linux solutions on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS (binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Ubuntu, Novell SuSE Linux and other Linux / UNIX distributions based on hardware driver compatibility and user choices.

HA Fail-over & Clustering

High Availability – Heartbeat / Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD)

Provide a high availability fail-over / round-robin clustering solution with enhanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS). DRBD handles data replication via network mirroring. Combination of Heartbeat and DRBD offers a low-cost and highly efficient system redundancy infrastructure.

Thin Client / Kiosk Solutions

Engineered for Linux deployments in specialized purpose, for example Internet-access terminals, hotel room services, multimedia kiosk stand and much more. Fully customisable and easy management.

Virtualization / User Mode Linux

Using VirtualBox, Xen, User Mode Linux and other technologies to facilitate consolidation of servers and workstations. Empowering fine-grain security control over virtualised users and multi-platform flexibility for hosting of any applications.Network Services & Applications

File Sharing

Samba File Sharing

Compatible with Microsoft Windows and MacOS clients in enabling workstations to centralize and share files intodata repository servers. Operate in either basic Workgroup or Domain models with high degree of user authentication / file permission control. Also support sharing of most printer models and inbound / outbound electronic fax.

Entinux iDisk Web File Sharing

Designed for drop-in replacement of legacy FTP for online file transmissions. Allows users to store and access their files whenever they connect to the Internet. Account administrator can create multiple login accounts and share with external parties.



Email & Groupwise

Qmail Redirector Solution

High performance, multi-homed, multi-domain and scalable Email solution with enterprise level reliability and redundancy. Flat-file mail storage to ensure mail backup and retrieval with performance and ease. Support all common protocols (IMAP / POP3 / SMTP / Webmail) and email clients, as well as Push Email for mobile users.

SMTP Gateway / DSPAM

DSPAM is a scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for enterprise email systems targeted for 99%+ accuracy. Protect again virus, unsolicited messages, and directory-harvesting-attack (DHA).

Groupwise / Atmail

Webmail client with groupwise support of shared address book and calendar. Atmail also provides an Outlook <-> Webmail synchronization utility, allowing Contacts and Calendar data to be shared between Outlook 2000/2003 and the web-client. Widely deployed for complete replacement for functionalities of Microsoft Exchange Server.



Web Applications & Database

PHP / Tomcat / Resin over Apache

We are experienced in supporting major web portals, as well as Intranet web applications based on LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) as the market dominant platform, with common alternatives such as Perl, Java / J2EE,Python, and other technologies.

mySQL deployment / performance tuning

Do you really need to upgrade the database server? Database applications require heavy fine-tuning on memory / disk caching, data storage engine, index allocation and comprehensive system review for optimal performance.



Firewall & Security

IPTables & pfSense with Stateful Firewall / Proxy / Network Address Translation / VPN

Include almost all the features in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. Enable fine-grain control over different network zones, IP segments, users against incoming and outgoing network activities with no license limitationon number of networked servers, workstations, IP addresses nor VPN tunnels.

LDAP Single-sign-on (SSO)

Deploy LDAP / RAIDUS for supporting various applications (i.e. mail / web / file sharing / VPN / remote access / WiFi /captive portal) using the same authentication sources for easy management.



Backup & Disaster Recovery

RSYNC Backup

Simple yet powerful rsync enables automatic rotating snapshot-style backup, i.e. illusion of multiple, full backups per daywithout the space or processing overhead using the hardlink file-system property.

EMC Retrospect

Retrospect is a comprehensive backup software solution with various agents to perform online backup of unlimitednumber of servers, desktops and notebooks with all user data, OS files, device drivers, and applications.

CrashPlan PRO

CrashPlan is a virtual backup appliance (VMware driven) for easy disk-to-disk, scheduled and continuous backup.



Solution Support Services

Linux Proactive Monitoring & Management Services (24 x 7)

Solely available from Entinux. Our professional support team would provide intensive remote system monitoring services. Comprehensive real-time sensing of system status, network traffic, with detail reports for management purpose. We would perform flexible actions at your fingertips, take care of any system operations or network incidents. Focusing business relying on Linux systems and network connectivity, our cost effective Proactive Monitoring and Management Services ensure information system availability with round-the-clock (24 hours x 7 days) and office hours support SLAs.

Linux Integrated Support Services

Designed for SMEs with limited IT resources to enjoy hassle-free Linux deployments with lowest possible cost of ownership. The most popular Linux Support plan with onsite and remote system administration, management and maintenance services. Our technical support hotline is ready to perform onsite check-up, system disaster recovery (re-installation / backup restoration /data rescue) with no limitation in frequency and incident counting.

Linux FLEXincident Support

Provide specialized solution services on server consolidation, platform migration, expansion, disaster recovery, and other tailor-made requirements (including high availability / disk & data replication / clustering setup). Project / incident basedservices for second-tier support to assist enterprise departments to roll out more Linux infrastructure solutions.



Software Development Project

Our professional software engineering team offers expertise in application development and customization in various platforms based on open source technologies. We offer solutions in:

Open source application customization

Modification of existing open source application, localization, feature enhancement and fine-tuning for tailored environment    

Web Development

Website and web-related project development with Java / PHP / MySQL / RoR and other toolkits from platform, infrastructure to application design

Mobile Development

Mobile apps development on Android and iPhone environments
Re-usable code base for both mobile platform using open source toolkits



Cloud Computing Consultancy & Implementation

With years of experience in offering network solution, Entinux provides consultancy and implementation services in setting and deploying solutions in cloud infrastructure. 


Deploy solutions with public cloud service provider, such as Amazon / Rackspace and various local / global ISPs                
Eliminate setup cost thus to enjoy the scalability of cloud infrastructure
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Private Cloud

For consolidation of existing servers infrastructure, migrate obsolete hardware and save electricity
Internal deployment of various solutions and management tools
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