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Free Script and Services for System Checking

Entinux provides a free system checking script for organizational users to gather system information, identify healthy status, and providing data for discovery of any potential hazard in data integrity or system security. For example, aged and unpatched Linux kernel may contain security hole, and checking process status may detect hidden and harmful hidden processes / rootkits.

The following information would be displayed after running the system checking script:

  • Kernel Version
  • Linux Distribution Name / Version
  • Glibc Library Version
  • Hard Drive Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Process Status
  • Network Ports in LISTEN mode and their assoicated executables

Download Link:
(md5sum: 45d754ea36de9538ca4ad855cb5a2db5)

The system checking script is a simple PERL script that could be executed in the following steps:

  1. Download the script (http://www.entinux.com/downloads/systemcheck.pl)
    You may use wget or lynx to fetch the file in CLI directory.

  2. Execute the script using the Perl Interrupter

    [yourhost]$ perl systemcheck.pl

  3. System status would be displayed to CLI output, and saved to a text file "systemcheck.txt".

  4. You would also be given an option to submit the information back to Entinux.
    This step is completely optional for us to review your system information.

By submitting the result of system checking script, our specialist could analyse your system status, provide free consultancy for your organization, and discuss for further support options. You may also contact our telephone hotline at (852) 2620-9600 / info@entinux.com for any assistance in your Linux deployments.

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