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Solutions for Anti Virus & Anti Spam

The Linux operating system is a secure environment, relatively unaffected by computer viruses. The DOS® and Windows® environment, however, is different.  A Linux server might still harbor Windows system viruses and, while not itself affected, can pass them on to numerous Windows-based clients. Rather than trying to block viruses at each Windows-based computer connected to a UNIX system, samba-uvscan an efficient centralized solution. In order to protect yourself and your users, it is more important than ever to maintain anti-virus security.

SpamAssassinTM is a open source mail filter using a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text for site-wide to identfy spam, or unsolicited commercial emails.

Samba-vscan : On-access Virus Protection with McAfee Scanning Engine

SpamAssassin Mail Filter : Universal Rule-Based Unsolicited Commercial Email Identification System

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