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Special Promotion to S.M.E. Linux System Support Services*

Entinux offers a broad variety of Professional Services that help you to deploy and optimise the use of IT technologies. With years of dedicated experience on Linux and system integration, Entinux provides expert advice and technical assistance to you.

In addition, fully custom hardware and software engineering is available on standard systems so that Entinux customers can obtain All-in-one systems completely tailored specifically to your computing environment.

For Total solution and planning for generic or application-specific deployment with third-party vendors, we deliver assessments and consulting services for your IT infrastructure for:

  • Email System

    We are experienced in building scalable email system serving from 50 to 50,000 corporate user accounts with complete redundancy, storage and backup solution. Our Qmail Redirector (PDF) solution is specially suitable for multi-homed email and more complicated network environments.

    Our Entinux WebSMC system is also enabling a comprehensive web interface for easy email domains and accounts administration. Please contact us at (852) 2620-9600 for live demo and discussion.

    Besides, we are also providing value-added features like:

    • Web Groupwise (Atmail, with Microsoft Outlook / Calendar Sync)
    • Mobile Push Mail (Funambol, open source push mail system with with native support of Blackberry devices, and Java support for major mobile phone vendors)
    • Single Sign On (LDAP schema / Radius and Active Domain emulation

  • File / FTP / iDisk Server

    We are providing a variety of file sharing solutions, based on Samba, FTP and our Entinux iDisk web interface for file sharing, with full experience in Windows Domain Integration / Migration.

    To fit your new file server / NAS in existing Windows Domain, or directly migrate to use Linux as your Primary Domain Controller (PDC). Our service team would ensure seamless transition with nearly no impact on user functionality - but great impact on cost saving due to greatly reduced license cost.

    We are also offering a variety of backup / storage solutions based on EMC Retrospect and CrashPlan PRO.

  • Web / Database / Application Server

    Entinux is experienced in building network infrastructure for scalable web deployments. No matter you are planning to deploy LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP), Tomcat, Resin, or other combinations with different database backends, we would be grateful to assist your deployment in improving server availability, including but not limited to : HA / failover cluster, load balancing, performance tuning and much more other services.

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