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Linux System Support - SME

We at Entinux understand your hesitation in Linux deployment, and we aim at providing complete solution to save your operation cost, as well as upraising quality of IT services within your organization.

Founded in 1998, Entinux is an experienced Linux total solution provider in Hong Kong providing server infrastructure design, system implementation, operational maintenance, expansion and consolidation services for enterprises ranging from multinational enterprises to .dotcom startups.

To leverage the utilization of Linux, and our advantages in Linux Support to all SMEs in the region, our robust service resembles the functionality provided by a full-geared IT department with a small cost (starting from HKD 450 / month) comparing to employ your own in-house support staff. 

Act NOW and discuss your needs with our Solution Specialist.
Entinux Hotline: (852) 2620-9600 / sales@entinux.com.

Planning to use Linux?

  1. Choose your server model (available at here)
  2. Enjoy our free* Linux installation & setup services
  3. Use your new server to enhance productivity!

Depending on the server usage (such as file server / mail server / fax server / web server), we would be suggesting the right server model to suit your needs. Hardware varies in terms of functionality and performance, yet you don't always need the more expensive models for the best deployment.

For more advanced businesses, we are providing High Availability automatic fail-over cluster, database environment tuning and other solutions.

* The free services include setup of all network services (such as mail / file / fax / web) and fully customizable to suit your unique requirement without extra charge.

Already using Linux?

In addition to your in-house support staff, our Linux Support Services for SMEs include real-time technical support, system operation, incidential disaster handling for your Linux systems, as well as desktop users accessing to the Linux systems. Our solution specialist would also be providing strategic consultation for your overall IT needs.

  • Unlimited Hotline Support 
  • Remote and On-site Service Support with guaranteed response time
  • System Maintenance and Network Administration
  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning 

Act NOW and discuss your needs with our Solution Specialist.
Entinux Hotline: (852) 2620-9600 / sales@entinux.com.

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