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Sales Conditions


The standard warranty period for this equipment shall be thirty-six (36) months from the date of registered  purchase, unless otherwise mentioned or extended separately.


  1. This warranty is valid for the specified period covering defects arising from normal usage only. It does not cover any defects arising from abuse, misuse, or neglect, improper installation, unauthorized repairs, accident, fire, hazard, war, and any alteration or modification made to the product.
  2. Warranty voids instantly if Entinux product label is damaged, removed, or tampered with. IMPORTANT: Non-factory-installed components or parts found in product shall not be entitled to any warranty by Entinux.
  3. Replaced components carry the balance of the original warranty.
  4. Other than expressly stated hereon, this warranty does not commit Entinux Limited to any other liability, including but not limited to liability for consequential loss, for damages arising from loss of use, or for loss of profits resulting from this product.
  5. On-site warranty service is rendered to urban area of Hong Kong SAR only. Approximate response time to service call is 1 - 3 hours unless specified separately.
  6. Product warranty is non-transferable to any third party without prior official and written permission from Entinux Limited.

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